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Our People

Board, Volunteers and Staff

about the volunteers at walnut creek historical society

The Walnut Creek Historical Society is governed by a Board of local community members who believe passionately in the importance of preserving Walnut Creek’s heritage.

Our Board members involve themselves directly in the Historical Society’s work, serving as museum docents, tour guides, program leaders, and historical researchers and preservationists.

They donate generously to the Historical Society themselves and participate in our fundraisers and work throughout the community to expand the awareness of Walnut Creek’s history.

Museum Staff

  • Andrea Baldacci Co-President
  • Pam O’Donnell, Co-President
  • Barton Tolley, Treasurer
  • Maggie Hughs, Recording Secretary
  • Jackie Byrd, Staff
  • Christine Baltzley, Staff

Board Members

  • Mark Brown
  • Kristin Mendelson
  • Ted Dobbs
  • Jim Roachelle
  • Teresa Wenzel


Supporting the Historical Society’s work is a talented group of more than 40 volunteers who serve as museum docents, give guided downtown tours, and facilitate the WCHS programs for local third grade students.

  • Ursula Aalders
  • Farah Anwar
  • Lana Anwar
  • Andrea Baldacci
  • Barb Baum
  • Elizabeth Bognar
  • Phyllis Bolton
  • Aynsley Byrd
  • Zac Byrd
  • Judy Caponigro
  • Henry Couden
  • Barbara Crews
  • Ted Dobbs
  • Penny Farfan
  • Alexandra Fisher
  • Beverly Gorman
  • Mary Granzotto
  • Sandi & Bob Jacobsen
  • Cary Marino
  • Kristin Mendelson
  • David Moss
  • Aubrey Parkinson
  • Linda Schade
  • Linda Scotting
  • Laura Seaholm
  • Ann Shelton
  • Vincent Tanforan
  • Priscilla Tudor
  • Jane Viator
  • Nancy Turner
  • Teresa Wenzel
  • Judie & Paul Wilson

Learn how you can Volunteer for the Historical Society.

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