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Legacy Project

The Centennial Grove at Heather Farm Park

Centennial Grove Dedication 2014

A Living Legacy to the Spirit of Walnut Creek

As a legacy gift from the community and to permanently commemorate Walnut Creek’s 100th anniversary, the Centennial Committee created the Centennial Grove at Heather Farm Park. The community came together to celebrate the dedication of the Grove on Saturday, December 6, 2014.

The Grove was made possible through some $60,000 in gifts from community groups, businesses, families, and individuals. See the list of Centennial Grove donors.

Encompassing 100 trees, the Centennial Grove is located on the western edge of the pond at Heather Farm Park (Centennial Grove Site Plan). It was designed to provide a peaceful place to relax and reflect by the pond and includes the Centennial Rock to commemorate those who donated to the project.

Among the 100 trees in the Grove are both native varieties such as the coast live oak and western redbud as well as trees from six different continents, including the flowering cherry from Asia, the Australian tea tree, the Italian oak, the cockspur coral from South America, the fruitless olive from Africa, and the southern magnolia from North America. See the Walnut Creek Grove Tree List.

The mixture of native and exotic trees is designed to represent the diversity of people from around the world who have settled in Walnut Creek and helped to create our community.

See more photos from the dedication.

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