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Oral Histories

Great Moments in History

Oral Histories

Enjoy this collection of oral histories, captured on video by April Bell | Tree of Life Legacies.

Gary Bogue: Lindsay Wildlife Museum
Phyllis Bolton: War Bonds
Bev Clemson: Shadelands Ranch Museum
Alfred Cooper: Days-gone-by
Primo Facchini: We need your support
JoAnn Hanna: Remembering World War II
Sally Ingraham: An Idyllic Town
Kay Mauzy-Wightman: The Flood
Nancy Meagher: Childhood Shenanigans
Adrian Mendes: The Walnut Kernel
Gwen Regalia: Pioneer Peg Kovar
Mike Rinehart: Rinehart’s Jewelry
Dr. Maynard Rotermund: Picking Pears
Lois Semmelmayer: Remembering Gloria Scilacci
The Walnut Festival
Twelve Stories: 2014 Compilation

The Walnut Festival has been a Walnut Creek institution since the 1930s.

Gary Bogue recalls the early days of the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

Mike Rinehart shares the history of Rinehart’s Jewelry, a Walnut Creek tradition started in 1947 by his grandfather, Pete Rinehart, a mover and shaker and Walnut Creek civic leader in his day.

Gwen Regalia remembers Peg Kovar, a modern pioneer for women in Walnut Creek politics.

Kay Mauzy-Wightman reminisces about the Flood of ’58.

JoAnn Hanna, owner of JoAnn’s dress shop, recalls sending the troops off during World War II, as they rode down Walnut Creek’s Main Street.

Dr. Maynard “Bud” Rotermund remembers picking pears at the Bancroft ranch back when he was a teen.

Adrian Mendes shares how the Walnut Kernel was spared from a trip to the dump.

Nancy Meagher remembers frozen food lockers in downtown Walnut Creek.

Phyllis Bolton recalls collecting war bonds during her childhood.

Sally Bronson Ingraham shares what it was like growing up in Walnut Creek — once upon a time.

Alfred Cooper, a descendant of the Walnut Creek pioneer Silveira family, remembers days gone by.

Lois Semmelmayer pays tribute to her dear friend and fellow Shady Lady, Gloria Scilacci.

Bev Clemson talks about the uniqueness of the Shadelands Ranch Museum.

Primo Facchini displays his famous zeal for the mission of the Walnut Creek Historical Society.

Twelve Stories ~ A compilation of videos from the Walnut Creek Historical Society’s Oral History Project in 2014

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