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Rental FAQ

Facility Rental FAQ

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about renting the Shadelands Ranch. If you have other questions, please contact the Shadelands Ranch staff. We are happy to help!

Q: Where can we secure a Certificate of Insurance for the event?

  • A: If you or a member of your family carries homeowners or renter’s insurance, usually your insurance carrier can write a one-time event liability policy. If you don’t have access to an insurance agent, we can give you the name of an agent who has worked with Shadelands Ranch in the past to write a one-time event policy.

Q: What part of the historic house and grounds can be used?

  • A: You are renting the outside grounds for your event. You have total use of all of the available area outside, including the gazebo, back and side lawn areas, wrap-around porch, barked/oak tree area to the side of the house, parking lot and restrooms. Inside the house and for an additional $100 fee, you may use the kitchen and small side access porch. All other areas inside the house may not be used for events.

Q: When can we rehearse? Can we decorate during rehearsal time?

  • A: Your rental fee includes 90 minutes time on a separate day for a rehearsal. No decorating is permitted during the scheduled rehearsal time; decorating is to be done during the actual time of the scheduled rental and no security is available to protect your private property. Rehearsal times must be scheduled in advance of wedding date and with as much notice as possible. Every effort will be made to honor your requested rehearsal date and time; however, if another wedding or event is scheduled on the date/time you wish to rehearse, the other wedding/event will have scheduling priority. The Shadelands Ranch staff will notify you as soon as possible if your requested rehearsal date/time is unavailable. The rehearsal is included in the price; rental fees are not reduced if a rehearsal is not needed.

Q: What may be used on the grounds?

  • A: Shadelands Ranch permits the use of bubbles, birdseed and rose petals.

Q: What items are NOT allowed to be used on the grounds?

  • A: Shadelands Ranch rental policies include the following restrictions:
    • NO nails, staples or bonding tapes anywhere in or on the house, gazebo or any tree on the grounds (Nails and hooks are available to make decorating easy.)
    • NO rice, aerosol streamers, or plastic or metal confetti
    • All tents, shade structures or umbrellas, dance floors, generators and unusual electrical equipment must be pre-approved by Shadelands Ranch and the City of Walnut Creek

Q: Does Shadelands Ranch have a list of required caterers or other vendors? Are there additional fees for these services?

  • A: No. You are free to choose your own caterer and other vendors. In addition, there are no add-on fees based on number of guests or for catering, bartending, cake-cutting, corkage, or other event activities or services.

Q: Who provides tables and chairs, linens, tableware, etc.?

  • A: The rental fee includes the use of 150 chairs and 30 tables. Additional tables and chairs are available up to the maximum available in our inventory. Please discuss your table and chair requirements with the Event Coordinator. As an alternative, you may use tables and chairs provided by an outside vendor of your choosing. No rental fee discount is available for this. Shadelands Ranch does not offer the use of linens, tableware, glassware, etc.

    If you would like to provide more shade at your event, you may bring in additional umbrellas or shade structures; however, our Event Coordinator must pre-approve all such equipment to ensure that the design will not damage the grass, irrigation system, or grounds.

Q: When may we and our outside vendors set up?

  • A: All decorating and other set-up activities, including the set up by outside vendors, must be done during your contracted rental timeframe. To ensure you have adequate set-up time, the Shadelands Ranch Event Staff will set up your required tables and chairs, per your instructions, in the two hours prior to your contracted start time. The set-up time and take-down time for our Event Staff is included in the custodial fee. Any special set-up or take-down requirements must be arranged, in advance, with the Event Coordinator. This applies to any and all vendors and help you use, including but not limited to caterers, party rental vendors, photographers, musicians, and florists.

Q: May we deliver equipment or supplies in advance and store them for the day of our event?

  • A: No. Shadelands Ranch does not have the storage space or security personnel to support these types of requests. If you drop off equipment or supplies prior to your event, or if you leave anything for later pick up after your event, you must assume all risk for the property. Shadelands Ranch assumes no responsibility for your property or the property of your vendors.

Q: May we serve alcoholic beverages?

  • A: Yes. Pursuant to the City of Walnut Creek Municipal Code, beer and wine are allowed. Distilled spirits (hard liquor) are NOT permitted. Part of your contract requires that you sign an “Authorization Regarding Use of Non Use of Alcohol.”

Q: Is Shadelands Ranch handicap accessible?

  • A: Yes. All outside grounds, including the wrap-around porch and restrooms, are handicap accessible.

Q: Is parking available?

  • A: Yes. Free parking is available. The small front lot to the west of the house accommodates about 35 vehicles. Additional parking, including handicap parking, is available behind the grounds in a parking lot for the office at 2700 Ygnacio Valley Rd. Shadelands Ranch has a reciprocal parking arrangement with the owner of the lot. To reach the lot, turn north at Via Monte Avenue, then make a left turn into the parking lot.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the premises?

  • A: No. Per the City’s smoking ordinance, smoking is not allowed on the grounds of a public facility. Smoking is allowed in the parking areas.

Q: Are there any restrictions regarding noise?

  • A: Yes. Excessive or unreasonably loud noise of any kind is prohibited. In addition, you must comply with the requirements of the noise ordinance of the City of Walnut Creek. The Shadelands Ranch Event Coordinator will provide you with a copy of the ordinance.

Q: Are electrical outlets available?

  • A: Yes. Electrical outlets are available for lighting, music, and catering in certain specific outside areas of the groups
    • In the gazebo
    • Near the restrooms
    • At the back of the house
    • On the wrap-around porch

    Please note: As an historic house, the Shadelands Ranch does not have commercial-grade wiring. Depending on your electrical needs (e.g., elaborate DJ system, photo booths), you may want to consider having a portable generator available. Please talk to the Event Coordinator to evaluate your requirements.

If you have other questions, please contact the Shadelands Ranch Event Coordinator. We are here to help!